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Right Brain
Online Live Class

Preschool Programme

Age 4 - 7

Enhancing Your Child's Learning Skills & Always Ready for School & more!

The Heguru method is an effective and proven right brain training and whole brain development programme that is developed by Heguru Japan over 30 years of extensive research and practicum.

Our curriculum emphasizes imaginative exploration and critical thinking in a fun-filled learning environment. 
In Heguru Preschool Programme, while we continue to develop right brain abilities, we start to put focus on left brain development such as numeracy, logical, analytical thinking and communication skills. 

At this age, we also focus more on encouraging output from the children and promote independent learning as well as confidence, before progressing to primary school.

​We take all the right brain abilities that the child has developed in the Infant and Toddler Course and apply it in ways that stimulate the left brain.  

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Train your child to be independent and ready for primary school with us!

What Do We Offer?

Preschool 1  (Age 4 – 5)

At this stage, development and stimulation of the left brain to compliment with the right brain begins and over 80 different activities designed for this purpose. Children learn to be more independent without parent’s companion in class.

60 minutes per class, once a week

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Preschool 2  (Age 6 – 7)

Achieving the interconnection of the left and right brain by enlarging the brain capacity. Further development of the left
and right brain through the workbook
helps children learn how to execute.

60 minutes per class, once per week

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Online Class Features

​Downloadable Learning Materials (Weekly)

Weekly Fun & Engaging Learning Activities

High Speed Learning Approach

HD Live Stream Video with Professional Equipments

Experienced Right Brain Teachers

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  • Photographic Memory

  • High Speed Processing Ability

    Spatial Recognition

  • Visual Imagination

  • Creativity Skills

  • Analytical Thinking Skills

Our Unique Enrichment Programme Gives Your Child an Important Foundation


1. Independent​ Learning

  • Where children first learn about independence, as they will be attending classes on their own.

  • Their communication skills will be greatly improved as they interact with teachers and peers on their own.


2. Fun and Engaging Learning Activities

  • They will get a better sense of responsibility when it comes to their safety and belongings.

  • Still, we try to keep things light and fun to keep our young students engaged in every lesson.


3. Improves Attention Span

  • The methods used are more advanced and driven towards gaining academic knowledge.

  • Being 70-90 minutes long, the classes are effective in improving concentration.

The time to train both Right and Left Brain!



  • Develops first 4 years old

  • Conscious mind

  • Low-speed processing

  • Develops first (0-4 years)

  • Subconscious mind

  • Fast speed processing

Student Testimonial

Chow Jien Juen

(Joined at age 2 until 10) 

  • Famous cup stacker and has won gold medals in the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) competition when he was just 4 years old. 

  • The latest achievement in cup stacking is during WSSA Summit 2017.

  • Won Best Performance Award in WeCode Competition, a programming competition.

  • Training in Heguru helped to improve his hand-eye coordination which is important in cup stacking sport.

Siti Nur Aryssa

(Joined at age 1 until Present) 

  • She made her first invention, a "Bottle Sharpener", at the age of 3. We called Aryssa little scientist.

  • She invented "Intelligent Eye (IE) Reader" and won a Bronze prize at the KLESF Challenge 2017 in the Technology category. 

  • Heguru stimulation programme helps to develop her visualisation ability, creativity as well as a critical thinking skill.


Let Heguru
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Learn how the Right Brain Stimulation Programme can help your child to learn in a stress-free environment.